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Central Library


The institutions have the well-stocked libraries with a large number of books on subjects related to the course taught, in addition to literary volumes, ready reference encyclopedias etc. The college subscribes to all important newspapers, magazines, national and international books and journals. The library has separate reference room in which students can put their raw ideas into perspectives. The college gets resource assistance from concerned university libraries.

LibrarY playS a vital role in providing our students with reliable content. They encourage and promote the process of learning and grasping knowledge. The book worms can get loads of books to read from and enhance their knowledge. Moreover, the variety is so wide-ranging that one mostly gets what they are looking for.

Furthermore, they help the people to get their hands on great educational material which they might not find otherwise in the market. When we read more, our social skills and academic performance improves.

Most importantly, libraries are a great platform for making progress. When we get homework in class, the libraries help us with the reference material. This, in turn, progresses our learning capabilities and knowledge. It is also helpful in our overall development.


Please follow the the following library rules before entering the library.

  1. Library membership card is compulsory while issuing books for home reading. It is not transferable.
  2. The books must not be shelved by the user and should be left on the table.
  3. Books once issued will not be allowed to keep inside the library.
  4. Guidelines for photo copying should followed.
  5. Students are not allowed in the library without membership card.
  6. Strict silence should be maintained inside the library.
  7. Mobile phone must be switched off before entering the library.
  8. Any damage or loss of books should be replaced within a week by a newone with prior information to the library in advance.
  9. no project/Laboratory works, group discussions or any kind of class meeting would be allowed inside the library.


  1. There are 20,664 books are present in the library to read.
  2. Big spacious library of area 6,236 square feet.
  3. A separate and spacious reading room is present.
  4. National and International journal present in the library.
  5. All the important newspapers are subscribed by the library.
  6. All the important magazines are subscribed by the library.